Entry #3

Loot Hero was just released!

2013-12-28 10:19:12 by VaragtP

Play Loot Hero on Newgrounds


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2013-12-30 05:49:12

Great job on this awesome pixelated loot fest!
I had a fun time level grinding 'til my heart was content :D

(Updated ) VaragtP responds:

I am glad to hear it! It was really fun to make, and I am already sketching on ideas for a sequel! :)


2014-01-01 11:17:00

Although the game was fun, I noticed the speed issue. Perhaps you could make the warrior slow down to the lowest level of speed by holding down the Shift key while still holding down the mouse?

VaragtP responds:

That is one possible way.. however it would be good if it was still all mouse based. Some laptops have a problem with using both mouse and keyboard input at the same time :/


2014-01-04 13:34:44

Heh, I know what you mean, I typed that with one of those kinds of laptops. The shift key, for some reason, still works with the mouse. LOL

VaragtP responds:

Oh I did not know that!


2014-01-06 07:20:21

I hardly ever play flash games, unless I wanna get bored in the first minute. I wasted an hour on this. It was awesome. Mindless, grindy, epic loot grabbing, achievement getting, awesomeness. My thanks and gratitude to you for such a well executed flash game.

VaragtP responds:

Thank you :) I hope I can make a sequel soon!


2014-01-27 17:24:29

Idea for a sequel: Level maker! Design and make certain placements for enemies, and a custom boss! Quests to get gold would also be nice!

VaragtP responds:

Hmm interesting concept!